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Dating feels so hopeless. I'm not a miserable guy by any means. I've got things in my life that bring me joy, purpose, and tranquility. I don't feel like I need a relationship, but I still just really Answer (1 of 7): It’s not fair. Right? I mean I hear this a lot.. “Not fair.” But you see, life never said anything is fair. You make things fair by bettering yourself and unfortunately, you need a lot of  · 9. Make The Atmosphere Right. If you feel embarrassed or hopeless when you're online dating, then you need to change the atmosphere around it. "Find a way to make it feel  · You see, the hopeless romantic in me is still a gentleman, and still believes in doing chivalrous acts or doting on a girl I like, just to see her smile. The other part of me got really  · 5. A profiles isn’t a person so talk to the person. No matter how appealing it is to sit at home and dismiss potential companions from the comfort of your lounge chair, you know ... read more

Still I wanted to be sure to address your comment and make sure you know of help that can be available. If you are in crisis, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Line. org I have included the link above.

Please take care of yourself~. Bless your heart. The shock makes it more difficult. and you are going to be all right. Please take care of yourself. I lost my husband 1st of October the year he was only 47 years old…. We had a fantastic marriage and we had a very close relationship….

the last week of his life was as normal as can be and there was no symptoms of his heart attack. that last day we spent together as a family as we have two young sons together …we went shopping and had our hair cut…we had a play fight at home that lasted several hours…we had our dinner and then my husband got into his uniform kissed me and our sons goodnight and went to work, he never came home he had died on the side of the road by himself…its been a year since I last spoke touched and cuddle my hubby and its been really hard…as you some how lead two lives, one that is an everyday life that you have to protect your children from the horrors in this world and go about your daily chores and people then assume you are doing okay.

I had to focus on my children and provide for them throughout my grief as I had no choice. My husband of 50 years died 22 months ago. i am lonely and no one cares. He was a very loving kind person. I gamble and I have to stop. i work I am not very happy. i hope and pray God will help me. I use to be a neat person and now I am messy. i wish God would call me I miss him so much! I lost my partner of 23yrs.

I was his care giver. He passed July 28th. The last year caring for him was very difficult, I work full time. He was falling all the time and dislocating his shoulder all the time. The firefighters and ambulance guys knew who we were. He had an operation and started to hallucinate after it and became more difficult to care for.

Homecare is very expensive. It was cheaper for him to live in Idaho with his sister. Six months later he died. He hated it there. I feel guilty, lost and lonely. I work tons of hours to prevent thinking about everything. I miss him. He knew me better than anyone. I miss his sense of humor, his laughter, his kindness and thoughtfulness I talk to him in my head frequently. I dont know what to do with myself.

I think this time it will be better. It feels like my life is over and I am just going through the motions. Maybe writting these feelings down will help. I lost my husband just a month ago. he was complaining of having a fever and so he went to the express med and the doctor told him to go to emergency right away because his eyes were yellow. he was in hospital for 1 week ,released him after 3 days of releasing him ,he died at home of blood infection,liver and kidney failure.

we were married for 20 plus years and have 2 kids. im very lonely and feeling empty,I cried every day ,he was a great husband,father and he was the bread winner of the family. i wish I was the one that died first. I lost my only child age He died in an accident while playing what kids are calling the choking game or pass out challenge on youtube.

He played it alone and died. I found him. The most horrific scene a mother could ever come across. He couldnt be saved.

loneliness, guilt of not knowing what he was doing. I feel my life is over. He was my everything. My whole world is shattered. Physically I can not have anymore children. Sometimes I feel God has played a cruel joke on me. What am I to do with my life.?? I have no purpose. I want to die!! In 5 years my loss has taken me to hell. I had the big home nice cars ski boat it was a good life. Until death started stalking my life!!

It started with my beloved aunt found her dead in her home. One year later my father died in my home next to me. Six months later my sister I found dead in her bed with tv on and remote in hand. A year later my mother died in my home of bone cancer. Then to top it all off my only child hits national news because she is killed leaving her hotel in Texas. They said she was struck by at least 8 vehicles. With the cost death has burden me with I am homeless now.

I was power of attorney of both parents that I diaperd and bathed plus getting my 27 year old daughters body back to my state. The cost of care was out of control.

Now I am trying to figure out if this life of mine is even worth continuing. I am not needed anymore there forth I have no worth to anyone. I wanna go home!!!! I lost my wife 9 Months ago, at age I was her husband and caregiver, for many years. I Have never felt lonelier than I do right now. I talk to people everyday, have lots of friends and family who care.

I pray to God everyday to comfort me. Hard to see how I will ever be happy again. You see, our pain and loneliness will last until our last breath. It is like no other loss. My husband of 44 years died 8 years ago of pancreatic cancer.

My daughter and 4 year old grandson were living with me and I had to get up every day. But they bought their own home three years ago and now the loneliness is always overwhelming me. I have recently stopped going to church and started meditating. He always made me laugh and I miss that so much. My second wife of 20 years passed away in mmid December with metastisied melonoma in the brain, diagnosis to passing was just over 11 weeks, my loss of such a caring and loving wife is impossible to describe, I see no way ahead of restarting my life over for a second time, I feel for the thousands and thousands of people in the same situatiom as me.

My beloved died 4 weeks ago today. I have read all these posts and now i feel like i know its never going 5o get better. Will i ever feel joy? Will I ever feel any happiness? I am calling a grief counselor provided by my employer on Monday. Please someone tell me it gets somewhat better?

At 4 weeks, you are likely totally disoriented and in shock. If so, it will certainly get better, yet some things can get worse. I only been down this road for 7 to 8 months now. I am better than I was the first 4 weeks by a vast amount. But at this point it remains rough even brutal often. It seems to cycle though we are all different as they say.

Still 4 weeks is so fresh and disorienting. Seek counseling locally, grief group participation as soon as you can. It will help and others will be there to understand and accept. I have been reading these kinds of blogs since my wife of 37 years died suddenly 6 months ago, searching for some kind of panacea for the overwhelming pain of grief and loss. These months have felt like a kind of never ending concussion.

I have read all the classic texts on grief, I have sought therapy, I have obeyed all the entirely wise instructions about caring for my health and seeking out the company of friends. But I am of the view that there will always be a part of me that will never fully accept what has happened. And now, the great challenge is loneliness. Reading about the experiences of others who know what this process actually feels like, offers me some kind of understanding that I am not alone in my despair and my loneliness.

And that offers some kind of hope. Thank you all for sharing your pain, and know that you are not alone in your grief. I believe that for all of us, in time, the memory of the person we have loved and lost can be a source of strength and comfort.

This is an exceptional post in its own right. Thank you. I have and am experiencing much of what you allude to with about the same degree of perspective. after all the disappointment and frustration i had for the past 7 years, just a week of working with you i am now a different man, everything is now working perfectly well. I prayed for God to keep you alive for me alone because i know you can do more and more for me here on earth with your gifted powers.

My wife sends her greetings and acknowledgement as well Doctor. More regard sir. I lost my husband, best friend, and partner in crime for 41 years only 2 days ago due to undetected Pneumonia which infected all sorts of other organs. It took less than 20 hours until the ventilators were turned off.

I am so scared of the future. He was my world and the reason I got up in the morning. I cry a lot and sometimes I feel like someone is grabbing my insides and twisting. How will I handle such grief for years? I have absolutely no support. We just moved here recently and have not made any friends. No children and family lives in two different countries.

This is a rural area and no groups nearby. He took care of me while I worked in his home-based business. But without him, the business does not exist. Oh, listen to me whine! At the moment I am still very busy making arrangements, making lists of what has to be dealt with, in order of most to least important, just to have something to keep my mind busy. Hung his picture over my computer screen so he can watch over me and I see him every time I look up. I am just happy that I found this blog and see many going through the same thing.

Makes me feel not so alone. I miss him so very much already. Today there was a beautiful bird on our feeder and I turned around to tell him about it and the only thing a saw was his empty chair. I an so devistated.

I lost my husband to cardiac arrest on 1st march after being in hospital since 1st January im lost we were married for 41 years while in hospital our first great grandchild was born on feb 4 he did get to see her its very very hard to carry on but for my family I have to I say goodnight to him as if hes still here but I have our german shepherd to keep me company but I miss him so much.

I lost my husband of 46 yrs 8 months ago, I do work part time and have children and grandchildren close by who are a comfort to me, but I still struggle with loneliness and the loss of the future with my husband. I hope you are feeling a little less shock and are supported by your family. Have you been able to keep the business you had with your husband? I feel lucky to stumble upon this post, the comments and replies.

I lost my husband Dec 20, , having been diagnosed with cancer just two months prior. The intense grief has shocked me. I read a lot and I think I am doing my best to work through it. The loneliness is intense. I am a Realtor, I work but have cut back, go to the gym, go to church, meet up with friends but returning to the empty house is heart wrenching.

Knowing others are experiencing similar feelings helps. I lost my husband of 59 years in February of this year. I thought I was doing pretty good,but the lonliness recently is killing me. I have no family near me,and have a few friends but they really don,t understand how I feel. I know it hasn,t been that long but I hate to think my life will be so lonely from now on. I lost my husband just over 4 weeks ago we were married for49years and together for 50 I miss him so much I am so lonely my sons keep on saying stop crying we have lost our dad too help what do I do.

My husband drew his last breath March 5, I wonder sometimes if he really existed because he is getting farther and farther away in my mind. Lost Maria my Wife and best friend just over a year ago. I have fallen into all the traps detailed above feel that i am now treading water waiting to meet up with her.

This despite the fact I have no faith and neither did she. Being there for my daughter has kept me sane but I have never been that good at talking to her love her so much but cant help her like her mum did they where so close. My husband was my life—I cant go on without him. I am in agony. Pancreatic Cancer. All I can say is WOW. How did this happen? And what happened to me? Where did I go? He died after only 3 months after his diagnosis.

He spent most of that time in the hospital. I look back on those days. And over and over agin they told me that many people who have this kind of cancer can live years. False hope. I watched this man die, I watched as he took his last breath. I watched as his eyes opened for only a moment, before he died. Life will never be the same. Get up the next day, go to work, come home and go sit in the kitchen. I have a galley kitchen, I put a curtain across the doorway, and this is where I stay until bedtime.

We are the about the same age.. Reply to me and we can figure out a way to talk. Sending a Hug from AZ.

I lost my father december 29, he had parkisons, dementia and alzheimers. My wife passed away march 13, after fighting cancer for almost 15 of the 16 years we were together. I made her a promise, that I would always be there for her, no matter what! we had a chance to adopt our two granddaughters in may and needless to say, we were excited! They was only one and two years old when we adopted them.

When we adopted our granddaughters, my wife was so excited to be able to buy little girl clothes and watch them grow up.

We found out she had breast cancer about six months after we first met. her cancer started moving to other places, originally it was in her left breast, two years after that, it moved to the right breast and had to have double masectomy.

It moved to her ribs, vertibraes and her brain twice. The last time it moved from her brain to her spinal column and more or less sufficated her organs. we did get married february 14, !!! I told her she was going to be stuck with me, for the rest of our lives! I NEVER FELT RELIEVED WHEN MY WIFE PASSED AWAY. LIKE I DID MY DAD!!!! Im in my mid 40s and lost my husband nearly 2 years ago to cancer. The first year actually seemed better with so many friends and family rallying around me and constantly inviting me out.

I started sinking all over again and since everyone had just put in their time helping me through the previous loss.. My boyfriend was amazing and stuck around for a while but its a lot to be grieving and functioning in any kind of relationship. He gently but suddenly broke up with me a few months ago and now Im grieving about that loss as well.

I had tried very hard to carry on and bounce back after each significant loss just to be knocked right back down with another. Im not the person I used to be and Im far from the person I want to be. Then my aunt who was like a second mom to me. The last in those several months was my grandfather. In the blink of an eye , at 44 , I have no family in this state.

Only some far away cousins. The loss of my mom hit me the hardest. She was my best friend. The grieving keeps me from going out on weekends or any other night. I am divorced. My boyfriend broke up with me andafterwards I realized how much I really did love him.

I make sure I put him 1st now…. I know what it feels like I lost my wife in January days before my birthday its been 9 months.. Some days are ok but its not the same anymore.. Come home to empty home which my son lives with me I image he feels it too but doesnt talk about it.. I go for a drive see people with there spouses all happy thinking wish that was me..

I dont know what the answer is but hopefully someday.. I move on from this and maybe find the woman of my dreams…. My husband died 39 years ago at the age of 31 one month before his death. We had been married 13 months and had a one month old baby. I still miss him every day. I lost my wife two weeks ago to pancreatic cancer. We just had our 30th anniversary.

It does not seem real that she is gone. It is so quiet at home. I feel very emotional and am running on auto pilot. Friends and family are very supportive. I try to remember that her siblings and friends also have lost her. They seem to focus on me.

I have no idea how I will get over missing her. I hope time will take most the pain away. I am blessed to have had her for 30 years. We had so many good times with much love. I am the luckiest guy on the planet just to have met the woman who some how became my third wife.

So I feel very out of place posting my grief in the midst of previous contributors sharing their pain. Ten years were good financially and we were struggling the last seven. We laughed together right thru all of it. I consider myself so lucky to have even known her much less marry her. That I really have no right to grieve. I feel that someone like her should be grieved over by the man who adores her even now.

Losing someone like her should result in my own long lonely demise. Not by my own hand. Because I dare not do anything that might jeopardize my seeing her again. God willing. But quite simply because losing her is something that over time would kill any man. No group, no counseling and no meds. I feel my loss in every other post here. My wife died two months ago on septembe I got this hole in my stomach since she died, the pain is so unbearable. Some times it so bad I think My heart is going to give out.

We were married almost 26 years. She was only 53 years old. My wife was sick for a long time, she was on dialysis and had a trach in her. We have a 14 year old daughter. I was with her when she died witch makes it even harder. I have no family, I am a only child.

My dog died, I lost my job and now my wife died in with in one year. My Wife died July 10 and i am still lonely ,We did every thing together had much love were married for 58 years she was the love of my life and best friend of my life. I never thought that she would pass away this Quick. I always wanted to die with her together on the same day. My mom passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack 65yrs old at the end of September, she had just retired and was looking forward to even more time with her grand boys.

I find it hard to function day to day, I do because I have 3 boys to raise 5,4,3 yrs old they miss her, too. I lost my husband to sepsis almost 3 years ago. I moved back to Fort Worth to be with my sisters. I belong to a wonderful Bible Church where they have helped me deal with the grief. Why is life so hard on us left behind? I work long hours to take my mind off it. The love of my life died suddenly 2 weeks ago. I had just re-united with him after 30 years.

We had only just reunited 2 months before he died. We were both lonely and miserable for a long time before we reunited and then we were so happy, in deep love, cherishing every moment, thanking God. I live in Las Vegas. In that short time, I quit my job of 9 years, left the place I lived for 24 years, and my family even though that was a positive thing-another long story and moved to Houston where he lived. He had a beautiful house, financially comfortable, even though I had a transfer pending from the company I worked for.

One problem-he was an alcoholic. He had been so depressed and alone for so long before we reunited it had taken a toll on his health. I brought him love, happiness, and a reason to really work on his alcoholism. Our whirlwind relationship was very exhausting as well as exhilarating. We were scared and overwhelmed. All of this, combined with his alcoholism, was too much. Not only grieving the loss of him, mourning the loss of my whole life.

Lost my husband two weeks ago to cancer. I have been. with him my whole adult life. I was 18 going on 19 we moved in together soon after we met and then married. Together for 32 years. We have no children. My family tries to be supportive but they are miles away and no friends close by either. People who have support of family and friends close by count your blessings its worse to navigate alone.

Humble thanks. I lost my husband of 32 years on April 2, We had family worship and I sang him Psalm 4, and then sat down by his bed and studied Greek. I heard his breathing change and then he died and was gone. The nurse helped me to wash his body and I brushed his beard for the last time. He still looked so handsome to me, though the cancer had ravaged him terribly and eaten as much of him as it could but not his courageous and kind soul.

We were best friends, worked together, and he was my captain. I am lonely, desperately so sometimes, especially on weekends and at nights. Groups did not help me but listening to my favorite preacher at night does help me, and work helps me, and familiar faces help me. I do understand not wanting anyone else, especially since I am almost 66 years old.

I sold our home of 23 years and moved into a little trailer and am working for elderly and disabled people and so I have people to help and to talk to. These things do help but the loneliness is probably something that will be with me for the rest of my days.

My husband of 22 years prior to 12 years of dating passed away of complications of liver disease which became worse after a septic infection. Unfortunately at the same time I was diagnosed with breast cancer which had to be treated at virtually the same time. He was much more acute than I so I put him on the front burner. I put my treatment off intermittently but he eventually succumbed to a disease he could not beat. wow Joyce!

This sounds so painful! Please find a grief group if you are still in this place. God Bless you! First, I lost a close friend back in when he was caught in the crossfire of two gunmen at a party. My grandpa died on May 9, , from chemotherapy for lung cancer. And on April 14th, , I lost my grandma to pneumonia. Nearly a month before, she had a massive stroke and was making progress until her pneumonia flared up.

The worst part of it all was that I never got to be with them when they passed. I miss my grandparents dearly. I lost my mum in October last year, it was just 15 minutes before my birthday.

I had to move her from the hospital to a nursing home and she died the next day. I sat with her all that day, watching her in the mirror as she hated being stared at. Then in the evening they told me I should go home and get changed and come back, that was the first time it dawned on me what was happening.

Nobody in the home had spoken to me about her or warned me what was happening. I sat in the chair with a pillow and expected to be there all night but shortly afterwards I heard her breathing change. I rang the bell and the nurses came in, I held her hand and watched her die right in front of me. She lived downstairs from me and I have to pass her door every day. But I am a completely different person now. I feel like I have stopped talking. But the old me has gone.

But I send a huge hug to all of these people who have shown me I am not alone and I thank them for that, and hope they will all be OK. Just reading all these stories makes me feel not so alone. My husband died in early March, , in his semi, miles and miles from home. Move on… to a New Site Your low success ratio might be credited to the dating site you are currently using. Best Dating Sites of Rank Dating Site Info Visit 1. Innovative profiles and matchmaking system Entertaining setup process Outstanding app, mobile site Free account Full review….

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And with good reason. Grief is too individual and too different from one person to the next. Yet, as the stages of grief suggest, there are commonalities found amongst grievers and if I were to add one final stage, I would add loneliness to the list.

One time a month, for several months in a row, can be just enough to create an almost time-lapsed photography of loss…where it seems the the changes are occurring both quickly and slowly at the same time. Eventually for these grievers it seems a plateau is reached where one can expect that they are not going to get much worse or much better. It could be the griever who lost the parent , the one person who gave them unconditional love, who will never feel the fulfillment and wholeness the relationship with their parent gave them.

In helping the population of grievers we serve, my colleague and I have often tried to offer programs and education on a variety of topics related to grief. Coping at the holidays , how to deal with residual anger and guilt …and for some time we talked about how much the grievers we met needed the topic of loneliness to be addressed.

So we sat down one day, notebooks in hand, ready to create a presentation on loneliness when we realized — what would we say? What could we have to offer? And for the first time in both of our careers we had to admit, we had nothing. Can you bring a person into a conference room for a few hours and make it all better for when they go home to that empty house?

Well, obviously doing a chore was about the last thing I had in mind to cure my boredom. And in this same vein I think the attempts that people make to cure the loneliness they feel after loss can be just as ineffective. So with that in mind, here are some ideas of what NOT to do if you are struggling with loneliness following a loss:.

While a wonderful feeling in marriage, this creates a terrible void in loss. Searching for a new half or looking to plug in just about anyone that even remotely fits can be like trying to maneuver an 18 wheeler into a compact car parking space. It will never ever fit, no matter how hard you try. A relationship following loss can be a very healthy and positive step, as long as one recognizes that a new person can never replace or stand in for someone who is gone. Nor should this new person feel the responsibility to.

Know that you are different now that this loss has occurred. The person you attract, the person who will be the best fit for you at this stage in your life may be nothing like the person you lost.

to a point. Because I have also encountered the son who was working 16 hour days just to avoid having to think about his mom or to go back to the empty home where he had cared for her. Like everything, moderation is the key. Busy can be good. It can mean getting up and out and dressed. It can mean exercise and fresh air.

It can mean a dose of healthy distraction. It can be a way to pass the time, which sometimes we all need. Just as long as it includes time for rest, time for reflection, and time to actually learn what it feels like to be home alone, and how to create a new routine and activity once there. This speaks to the loneliness I mentioned before. The yearning for the future that never happened.

The attention we give to the empty spot where our loved one should be sitting. The people who are also lonely. Maybe because of loss, but more often their loneliness comes from behavior that has extricated them from healthy relationships.

People who drink too much, or help too little, who are negative or bitter, who seem only to want to bring others down with them. Unfortunately these people are out there, and a vulnerable griever can provide just the misery this type of company loves.

Bottom line, being alone is better than being with the wrong people. Even in our lowest, darkest and loneliest of times we have choices. And since grief seems to add at least a few decades to how most grievers feel, it can be especially difficult to have the energy to put ourselves out there after loss.

It may not even be the first few years. But eventually if you find that grief becomes the cement shoes that keep you from moving forward, it may be time to try and break free.

Start small. Think of something that will have a positive impact not only for you but for your community as well. Being motivated by the feeling of giving back can be what gets some grievers moving again after loss. Find a cause that you are interested in.

Know that like-minded people will be found here and helping those less fortunate can be the best way to get out of our own head. More than anything know this: you are not alone in your loneliness.

In some way or another we are all searching for those who will understand us, who can help fill some of the void and emptiness we feel. But the true work of grief comes in filling that lonely space from the inside out.

It is the lonely group of grievers who have reached their plateau that may need the most help. While www. Because these are the people who may be ready to make the connections and to find the right people to spend time with. I have seen truly beautiful friendships develop in the circle of grief support and I hope you too can find that within the caring community of www. And if one-on-one help is what you need?

Some guidance and encouragement from a person who truly understands the all-encompassing nature of grief and how if affects every moment and every part of life could be the next step to help you move forward. For a special kind of grief support click here: GRIEF COACHING. FREE 15 minute consults available to www. com members. I also lost a number of the boys n men I loved growing up to death… 5 Who were really close to me and I hurt to know I will never see their loving smile on this earth again… and another 6 or 7 aqaintences along with 2nd Dads… I Find Loss Can Trigger these Intense Emotions dug down like Grand Canyon in my psych..

Oh yes and less than one year ago a married ranches drove his truck off a cliff after pledging his Forever Love for me?????. All that I can do is to Pray Pray Pray… 4 Courage Strength n Wisdom… and oh yes… Lotd Hod in Heaven Love??? I think you are an amazing courageous person. I am inspired by your strength to persevere and not become engulfed in loss. I spent a long time wrestling with questions of why, but when I recently realized it was for a higher purpose and to stop resisting and move toward acceptance, I became much more content.

Yes loneliness is hard, but disheartening emotional wrestling is no picnic either. God bless! I have spent today in tears and wishing my hubby was here.. the worst day in weeks…it is 18 months which is so unreal.. time has just vanished into a black pit….

hjs birthday is 14 March.. perhaps this is the reason. I feel much better having read this site…I have no family where I live.. I work full time and have many work colleagues…outside of work weekends are my lonely days..

I am blessed to have my two best four legged friends……. My heart goes out to you. Loneliness is so profound after a loss. My Mom passed away in January and my daughter just moved across the country. life feels so empty. I am thinking of you and sending hugs. I understand. I lost my husband 5 months ago.

I watched him suffer so much the lady year. I was his caregiver for 3. I do attend a grievance class once a week. I pray that that the Lord will take me I see no reason for living. I am trusting the Lord for help but still very lonely. I took care of my husband for 15 years.

It has been a year since he has passed. I miss him so much!! You are so right. I feel your pain. I lost my husband 8 days ago to cancer. We were married 28years. We have grown kids. They have their own lives.

Tracy, I am so sorry for your loss. Please find support with friends, family, in your community and with us online.

When Online Dating Starts Feeling Hopeless,187 thoughts on “Loneliness: 5 “Don’ts” If You’re Lonely After Loss”

10 Online Dating Red Flags. If your online dating match has one or more of these red flags, tread carefully. If they have several, it’s time to move on. 1. One photo. When someone only Dating feels so hopeless. I'm not a miserable guy by any means. I've got things in my life that bring me joy, purpose, and tranquility. I don't feel like I need a relationship, but I still just really  · You see, the hopeless romantic in me is still a gentleman, and still believes in doing chivalrous acts or doting on a girl I like, just to see her smile. The other part of me got really  · 5. A profiles isn’t a person so talk to the person. No matter how appealing it is to sit at home and dismiss potential companions from the comfort of your lounge chair, you know  · 4. Don’t spend time with those who will bring you down – In loneliness there can be such an urgency and desperation to fill the empty time and spaces that we may find ourselves  · 9. Make The Atmosphere Right. If you feel embarrassed or hopeless when you're online dating, then you need to change the atmosphere around it. "Find a way to make it feel ... read more

Ii have a wife that passed away around Xmas ,l loved her very much ,We had divorced a number years back ,my doing ,but l never stopped loving her , l think of her all the time ,and wonderv could have been so stupid ,,we would have known each other 60 years ,she was a good person mGod bless her in Heaven. What could we have to offer? Please take care of yourself. I lost my husband after 54yrs of marriage and 2yrs of dating. I think you are an amazing courageous person. I pray to God to help me. Lost my wife of 40 years February 10 to bike duct liver cancer.

Politics Joe Biden Congress Extremism. I miss him terribly every day and I too wish I could be with him now. Everything was great on friday 22 was my daughters 16 Birthday and my husband rented a party bus. My whole world is shattered. is the one who has gone.